ToolTip - overview

The AspLib ToolTip is an easy-to-use, professional on-line context help tool for ASP.NET applications that allows developers to easily add in-page help for end-users. The end user just sees an image or text and they see pop-up or window context help that explains a page element. The tips can localize themselves automatically using application culture settings. The built in ToolTip editor allows to create and edit helps easily.

The ToolTip fully supports Visual Studio-2005 design-time features and provides the ability to configure the ToolTip using the property sheet, avoiding the need to write extensive customization code. The control has some client-side events.
The ToolTip uses AJAX technology and help tips are displayed without the need to load anything from the server. To all intents and purposes, it is instant.

Default Default tooltip style
Tooltip with image ToolTip
Only image

Centrally managed help tip content. Help tips can be loaded from anywhere, but by default are loaded from a helptips.xml file. This simple XML file can be edited by hand, or using the editor provided. Developers can split help content into multiple files for localization, and by web folder, making it simple to delegate creation of the help tip content (for example by a translation partner or a technical writing team).
Help tips can be set manually or loaded from a XML file - use TipXmlFile and TipXmlKey properties 

XML file tooltip ToolTip