Rotator - overview

This demo shows how easy it is to implement scrolling news;
Simply place an instance of the Rotator server control onto your page;
Define the content within an XML file and set the XmlContentFile property;
Create the look and feel by specifying the SlideTemplate.

AspLib component library v4.4 released June 16, 2006
The latest version includes new controls and new features in old controls. New samples and tutorials.   
AspLib Tooltip v1 released May 14, 2006
The AspLib ToolTip is an easy-to-use, professional on-line context help tool for ASP.NET applications that allows developers to easily add in-page help for end-users. The end user just sees an image or text and they see pop-up or window context help that explains a page element.   
AspLib Rotator v1 released October 30, 2006
New control that helps you to display any advertising or other content.   

Property Value Code
<alrotator:Rotator ID="Rotator1" runat="server" XmlContentFile="~/xml/news.xml" Width="440px" Height="80px" HideEffect="None" ShowEffect="None" HideEffectDuration="250" ShowEffectDuration="250" SlidePause="2000" ScrollInterval="20" ScrollSpeed="Medium" ScrollDirection="Up" RotationType="SmoothScroll">
HideEffectDuration ms
ShowEffectDuration ms
ScrollInterval ms
SlidePause ms