Editor - custom commands

The component can contain custom buttons with user-defined custom commands.
Users can use Editor API JavaScript commands that allows full access to contents of Editor control.
Editor API commands:
al_Editor_InsertHtml(clientID, html) - Inserts HTML at the current cursor position
al_Editor_SurroundHtml(clientID, before, after) - Surrounds the currently selected text (and HTML) with the given strings
al_Editor_GetHtml(clientID) - Returns the HTML currently in the editor
al_Editor_SetHtml(clientID, html) - Sets the HTML in the editor
al_Editor_ExecuteCommand(clientID, commandName, middle, commandValue) - Executes commands based on the MSHTML (for IE) and Midas (for Firefox/Mozilla) specifications
al_Editor_QueryCommandValue(clientID, commandName) - Querys the state of the current cursor position
al_Editor_Focus(clientID) - Sets the focus on the current editor
clientID - identifier of the Editor (use args.ClientID field)